Essays and Flash (Fiction and Nonfiction)

Natural and Unnatural Disasters, in The Lumiere Review

When your son, who hates everything, who even hates playing sports, in 100 Word Story

Second Act, in Penumbra Online

It May As Well Have Been a Dick Pic, in JMWW

I Want to Write Some Things, in Variant Literature

Oysters, in Atlas + Alice (nominated for “Best of the Net” 2023)

Skate Haven, in Cleaver Magazine

Effigies, in Issue #2 of Hungry Ghost Magazine

Of All the Spoiled Places, in Pithead Chapel

Green Light, in Literary Mama

Stage Plays

Nursery Hill
Second place winner of Emerald Theatre Company’s 7th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival
To be produced in September 2024 at the Emerald Theatre Company in Memphis, TN

Published in Issue #17 of Stonecoast Review in Summer 2022
Winner of Emerald Theatre Company’s 6th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival
Produced in September 2023 at the Emerald Theatre Company in Memphis, TN
Produced in January 2024 at the Fargo/Moorhead Community Theatre in Moorhead, MN


Coupled for Christmas
Boy, a short film script based on the story “Boy” by Lauren Osborn
Big House Designs, with Khris Baxter
Trailing Spouses

Book Reviews

Amy’s book reviews, author interviews, and features are published in the Southern Review of Books.

“Taking a Wrecking Ball to Expectations of Female Likeability” (March 2024)

“Capturing What It Is Like to Live Among Others: Lydia Davis’ ‘Our Strangers'” (October 2023)

“Story Collection Blends the Venn Diagram Between ‘Weird’ and ‘Feminist'” (October 2023)

“Not a Monolith, But a Multiplicity” (July 2023)

“‘We Are Too Many’ Beckons Women Not to Hide” (May 2023)

“Reenvisioning Shakespeare with Peter Brook’s ‘Tip of the Tongue'” (February 2023)

“Cursed Dolls, Horror, and Laugh-out-Loud Comedic Moments” (February 2023)

“Examining the Art of the Short Story in ‘Arranging Stories'” (February 2023)

“Sometimes Marriage is Mayhem” (December 2022)

“Woman Without Shame” Showcases Sandra Cisneros at the Height of Her Power (October 2022)

“Nora Ephron: A Biography” in Five Remarkable Acts (September 2022)

“The Female Gaze” Champions Women Filmmakers (June 2022)

“Camera Man”: Resilience and Reinvention (May 2022)

“Moundsville”: The Rise and Fall of a Small Town (April 2022)

“How to be Perfect”: A Crash Course in Moral Philosophy (March 2022)

“The Hunting Wives” Explores the Obsession Brought on By Restless, Idle Hands (March 2022)

“In Search of the Color Purple” Explores the Extraordinary Healing Power of Stories (February 2022)

In “The Souvenir Museum,” Each Story is a Keepsake (February 2022)

“The Predatory Animal Ball” Gives Voices to the Voiceless, Human and Animal Alike (January 2022)

“Marginalized”: Southern Woman Playwrights Upstaged No More (December 2021)

Start Small with Jacqueline Goldfinger’s “Playwriting with Purpose” (December 2021)

“The Office of Historical Corrections” is a Trenchant Dramatization of Racial Inequity in America (December 2021)

“Playlist for the Apocalypse”: A Masterful Blend of the Personal with the Political (November 2021)

“Where I Come From” is Gentle, Full of Charms (September 2021)

Elizabeth Spencer: “A Veritable Seurat of Southern Life” (August 2021)

“This Life” Draws Attention to Life Behind Bars and the Transcendent Power of Rap (August 2021)

Dysfunction, Redemption, and Family in “Olympus, Texas” (July 2021)

Exploring the Absurdity and Tragic Comedy of Florida, A Misunderstood State (May 2021)

Shannon Sullivan and Others Advocate for “Philosophy In/Of the South” in Latest Collection of Essays (April 2021)

“The Wife Upstairs” is a Thrill Ride (January 2021)

“The Once and Future Witches”: Where Women and their Words have Power (November 2020)

Soileau’s Longing, Hopeful Inhabitants of Southwestern Louisiana in “Last One Out Shut Off the Lights” (July 2020)

Author Interviews

Amy interviews authors on behalf of the Southern Review of Books.

Racing Inexorably Downhill: The Life of Bonnie Parker in Christina Schwarz’s “Bonnie: A Novel” (March 2021)

Julia Nitz on “Belles and Poets”: “Literary Allusion is Cultural Currency” (January 2021)